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Don’t just build wealth.
Build a better world.

DCA brings together investors and visionary startup founders to shape the future. To solve problems, unlock potential, and create a tomorrow that is even better, brighter, and more powerful than today. Onward!

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Convenience through technology

When innovators and investors connect, a
better future is created

DCA bridges the gap between startup founders and modern investors, providing essential services both groups need to achieve their most ambitious vision of success. For startups, that means a unique blend of capital investment alongside expert business, financial and operational guidance. For investors, that means a singular approach to growing and protecting your wealth built on decades of experience and advanced data insights.

At DCA, legacy and impact take center stage in everything we do, because it’s not enough just to build businesses and to build wealth. We’re committed to using our expertise to build a better world.

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Investing with a higher purpose

We partner with visionary founders

Taking startups from vision to reality

Longstanding relationships, integrity and consistent performance are our hallmarks. Learn more about the philosophy and approach that makes DCA a valued partner to high-net-worth and institutional investors.
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DCA partners with technology startups around the world that have the potential to scale fast, transform their industries and change the world for the better.
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Startup founders face a never-ending list of challenges, and securing funding is just the beginning. DCA provides a unique combination of business expertise, industry insights and strategic guidance to help founders scale and remake their industries.
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Nextleaf Investment Analysis

With cannabis legalization expanding globally, the market holds tremendous potential for growth and investment returns. Is this compelling prospect out of Canada an undervalued investment opportunity?

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Avoiding Mistakes: How Due Diligence Can Save Your VC Investment

There can be a lot of power in an idea, if you also have the ability to capture it, harness it, and bring it to fruition. However, from an investor’s view, a truly great idea is only as good as...

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The Rise of Influencer Marketing

The past decade has seen a complete transformation of the marketing space. In the past few years alone, we’ve seen digital marketing surge to new heights, thanks to the widespread effects of the Internet, smartphones, and rising consumption across digital...

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Space – The Opportunity

For the first time in history, space is economically accessible to commercial industries.  Private investment in space technologies over the last 15 years has led to a new wave of excitement and opportunity in the last frontier. Reduced launch costs...

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