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We seek out the true entrepreneurial spirit wherever it shines. DCA is
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True vision is rare. It’s also what drives the world forward. And it’s what helps society progress by leaps and bounds. At DCA, we partner with visionary founders who think big, take risks, and start companies with the potential to revolutionize their industries. When we find them, we help provide the funding, networks and guidance they need to bring their vision to life.

DCA provides Early, Seed, and Series A-B funding to promising startups that have two key characteristics:

  1. The potential to scale quickly and disrupt their industries
  2. A vision to transform their industries for the better

Here are some of the essential qualities we seek in the businesses and founders we partner with:

Product innovation and vision
Entrepreneurial leadership
Strong business acumen
Strong rapport with and network into the investment community
An ability to pivot when faced with changing circumstances
A willingness to adapt to changes in the macro and micro environments
Adaptive, scrappy, forward moving
Integrity and grit

Investment Criteria

DCA invests in private companies that have the following attributes:
Revenue generating with a proven product and established customer base.
Dynamic founders who are risk-takers, determined and possess the vision to succeed.
Developing proprietary technologies that lead to a wide moat.
Compete in large and growing markets.
Have the potential to generate profitability or be cash flow positive, but are investing in growth.
Poised for a potential valuation mark-up.
Positioned for later stage growth with secondary market opportunities.
Approaching a liquidity event with secondary market transactions.
Potential for strong IRR and Cash-on-Cash returns across the typical venture time frames.


Innovation Knows No Boundaries
Great businesses are not confined by industry or geography. We seek out the most innovative and promising startups and the most visionary founders, regardless of industry or location.
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Founder FAQs

DCA Asset Management, Inc. is a public holding company concentrating in asset management and advisory services through its subsidiaries (collectively, “DCA”). DCA primarily focuses on investing in dynamic, industry-disruptive companies. DCA also invests across cash flow-oriented asset classes that serve to preserve capital and supplement DCA’s focus on private growth company investment. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, DCA has been investing in and advising companies since 2018.

DCA has been investing in and advising companies since 2018.

• Anthony J. Iarocci, Jr., CEO

• Michael Schnaus, President

• Molly Iarocci, Executive Vice President – Private Investments & Advisory

• Caroline Chiodo, CFA, Executive Vice President – Private Investments & Advisory

• Strong industry experience + a youthfully resourceful team

• Deep quantitative analysis + market research capabilities

• Providing valuable Advisory Services

• Performing “Next Level” due diligence

• Ability to identify strong company founders

• Commitment to responsiveness

DCA has two primary lines of business: (i) private pooled investment vehicles and (ii) advisory services.

Venture Capital (VC) is a form of private equity and financing that investors provide to companies they believe have the potential for rapid growth. Investments in venture capital can be made in newly formed, early-stage companies in nascent markets all the way up to pre-IPO late-stage growth companies. Venture Capital plays a vital role in our ecosystem, driving the success of startup businesses and continued innovation. Amazon, Airbnb, SpaceX, Uber, and so many others would not be in the position they are today without the support from venture capital investors early on in their journeys.

Investors can participate in the VC market by putting their money into a fund that is designed to manage investments in high-growth opportunities. These funds are typically restricted to “accredited investors.”

Everyone has their own methods for performing due diligence. DCA takes great pride in its detailed due diligence process, seeking to leave no stone unturned when it comes to looking at potential investments. The initial screening process focuses on: 1) vertical and market size assessment (the total market opportunity), 2) the Terms of the deal and the institutional lead, and 3) our initial diligence.

During the initial screening process, we look across these three categories at items such as discussions with the founder to better understand the history, the company’s role in the market, key management/talent (technical, sales, industry experts), and the overall team; initial review of the product to understand stage of development; discussion around critical company needs and the use of proceeds from the round; and high-level overview of the financials, both historical and initial forecast.

The next layer of diligence dives deeper into all key categories, particularly diligence calls, product assessments, competitor analysis, financials, and legal documents.

At DCA, we are generalist investors and opportunistic in our approach. We concentrate in a handful of industries and verticals across the tech and tech-enabled services landscape, including but not limited to: 1) B2B SaaS, 2) Digital Health, 3) ESG, 4) Artificial Intelligence, 5) EdTech, 6) Fintech, 7) Online Marketplaces, 8) Nascent Industries (e.g., Space, Cannabis, Gambling).

DCA typically syndicates on deals with other institutional investors, angel investors, and accredited investors.

Any of the primary principals can be accessed by email at

A true partner, experienced across VC, capital markets, research, business development and M&A, who can walk a founder through the process and grow with them and their companies throughout their various stages of growth.

The DCA difference is providing extensive financial rigor and strategic support, an informed micro and macroeconomic perspective to the business model, extensive guidance throughout the capital raising and cash flow management process, and a true partnership mentality that empowers founders to drive towards bigger outcomes than they could achieve alone. We come to the table with a complementary mindset and vision for success.

• Strategic guidance, based on a deep understanding of the financials, that informs the allocation of capital to efficiently commercialize, scale, and ultimately grow.

• Metrics to provide greater detail of operational performance and targeted areas for improvement.

• Perspective drawn from other comparable companies and the proven industry experience within our organization.

• Detailed financial modeling and forecasting, financial, statement and cash flow interpretation, and data analysis.

• Support through the venture capital and private equity process from capital raise / cap table management, to use of cash, to potential exit.

DCA provides strategic financial advisory support to startup companies and their founders.

Investments are opportunistic and made in companies across various stages of the investment spectrum, with a focus on three primary classes:

• Early to growth stage venture

• Pre-IPO bridge

• Secondary market shares

DCA complements its venture capital strategy by investing in publicly traded equities and other alternative asset classes like digital securities and publicly traded shells or SPACs.


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