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Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves the use of advanced analytics and logic-based techniques to allow machines to learn from experience, gather new inputs, and execute human-like tasks at lightning speed. AI is enabled by emerging technologies such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to process huge amounts of data quickly. As a result, AI systems offer faster response, a tailored approach, highly accurate information outputs, and fewer redundancies–all of which are important in driving efficiency and scalability in organizations.
The Case For Growth


The Case
For Growth

AI is fueling disruption in nearly every industry, including financial services and insurance, retail, automotive, energy, government, healthcare and life sciences, telecom and IT, manufacturing, and education, among others.

At DCA, we’re aggressively investing in AI based on two critical factors fueling the vertical’s potential for rapid growth.

  1. While the AI vertical already has a proven track record of growth over the past five years, the science of AI is still very much in its infancy. Global technological innovation, large (and growing) amounts of data to process, and an expanding influx of AI-trained experts into the field offer the potential to accelerate that growth.

  2. AI is the rare vertical that has the potential to impact nearly all industries, as organizations seek to solve a vast array of business challenges. The potential for exponential growth is clear as few technologies offer organizations the opportunity to make such rapid improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

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AI By The Numbers

$407B Projected AI
Market Size 2027*


36.2% Projected 5yr CAGR*


83%Companies that deem AI as a top strategic priority**


DCA Portfolio Companies

B2B/B2C Conversation Automation
Higher Education Collaboration
Coolfire Solutions
Work Team Collaboration
Turnkey Metaverse Platform
Digital Conversation Enhancement
Energy Consumption Monitoring & Visualization
Predictive Customer Data Analytics


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